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3 Reasons to Trust Digital Industry
to Support Your Computer Network


Improved Efficiency - We can increase the overall business efficiency while improving communication within the organization. This enables the business to save costs. In addition, data backup is essential as it guarantees continuity to your business’ operations in the event of fire, viruses or other disasters. With proper data backup, your business can run interrupted even when your computers are destroyed.


Loss Prevention - We can prevent your business from losing money to hackers. Every year, business’ lose thousands of dollars to credit card fraudsters who deploy malicious codes to steal credit card information from business’ databases. However, we can help you to keep these codes at bay.


Regular Network Update and Maintenance - Every business, regardless of size, worry about cost. However some businesses have a misconception that waiting for the network to breakdown before getting it fixed is far more cost effective than contracting an IT company to perform maintenance, However, you need to realize that waiting to spend money every time your system breaks down will end up costing you more than what the support company will charge you in monthly fees. In addition, you will be losing a lot of business time every time your network grinds to a halt. IT support is crucial for any business that desires to gain a competitive edge in its industry. With Digital Industry, you can have the peace of mind that your business’ network will be monitored and maintained round the clock, thus allowing you to focus on your growing business.

Our Services

Managed Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

IT Consulting

Choose the best course of action to solving your IT inefficiencies.

VoIP Services

We'll make sure your communication needs are met.

Do You Have Trusted IT Support You Can Rely On for Your Business?

Digital Industry has it, with Computer IT Support that will put an end to your fears. “Can’t I get one simple solution for Cloud Computing from one single company?” Have you ever wondered?

We are the answer you’ve been looking for, with IT Consulting that will simplify your technology and your business.

Digital Industry offers comprehensive Computer IT Support backed by a team of experts you can rely on. Offering service to businesses in , we deliver strategic Computer IT Support solutions for your business to stay ahead of the game.

With Cloud Computing and IT Consulting that’s dependable and worry-free, you really can rely on us to provide everything you need to keep your IT up and running. Does your IT guy offer you all of this? We didn’t think so.


See what other business owners are saying about us…

Digital Industry has been very responsive to any of our technical problems. They understand how we can best leverage technology in today’s marketplace. In addition to being instrumental in dealing with outside software companies by acting as interpreters, Digital Industry has also reduced our downtime, and made us a more effective business.

Certified Financial Planning Firm
Digital Industry
5 / 5 stars

Digital Industries has provided a level of IT expertise and compliance for our small company, DMS, that would have been out of our reach. They are knowledgeable, responsive and work with us as a team to accomplish our goals. They always ensure that we understand what they are providing and allow us to make informed decisions. DMS is a very satisfied client.

DMS International
Digital Industry
5 / 5 stars

Digital Industry’s engineers always go the extra mile! When I was having remote connection difficulties, one of their engineers came to my rescue by letting me come to his house (we live in the same neighborhood) and fixing the problem there.

Campaign for America's Future
Digital Industry
5 / 5 stars

Digital Industry gives us personable, friendly and fast service, as well as the ability to always fix the problem. They are extremely responsive, too.

Maryland Psychiatric Society, Inc.
Digital Industry
5 / 5 stars

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