Don’t Let CMMC Stand Between You and Your Next DoD Contract

Easily pass an independent audit and acquire your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.

You have been a Department of Defense contractor for years and provided exemplary service to your government clients without fail.

However, now yet again you are required to put your professionalism and high standards to the test if you are to maintain your contracts with the DoD and its associated government agencies.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is the new cybersecurity standard implemented by the Department of Defense (DoD) to protect its supply chain. Any organization that conducts business or wishes to compete for contracts with the DoD will need to become CMMC certified by passing an independent audit.

The question is, how do you
prepare and pass your audit?

It’s frustrating we know. You now must navigate a sea of unknowns in order to pass your audit and acquire your certification.

You worry about the cost and the time it needs to become compliant and rightly so. There is fierce competition for DoD contracts and time is always of the essence.

What you need is clear concise guidance and a cost-effective roadmap to get your company ready to gain and maintain CMMC accreditation.

Luckily, we have the necessary knowledge and technology to get you prepared and help you get that coveted CMMC accreditation.

We are Digital Industry and for over 20 years we have crafted technology into businesses and government contractors to ensure they remain compliant and competitive for years to come.

We have created a unique three-step process that will help you identify the current compliance gaps you are suffering from, create recommendations to address the inefficiencies and lastly craft solutions and implement them to ensure your audit and gain your CMMC accreditation.

How do we do it?

Step 1

We conduct a comprehensive gap analysis to assess if your organization’s technology and procedures meet the requirements outlined in the CMMC framework.

Step 2

Based on our findings, we create a remediation plan that tells you exactly the security controls you need to implement to comply with CMMC.

Step 3

Finally, implement our recommended custom solutions for your business and get you ready for your audit and accreditation process.

Why strike out when you can hit a home run?

What is the Cost of Inaction?

Well, for one, you risk losing your current contract status and possibly not being able to compete for any future opportunities with the DoD.

There are only a few years left for companies to become certified and there is so much uncertainty surrounding CMMC. Companies are struggling with how to get started on their path to CMMC readiness. Why live with this uncertainty and let it become a distraction to your business goals and future growth.

Why wait and put your future
revenues at risk?

For now, you have time on your side and with our help, you can become a pioneer and get your CMMC accreditation years before all other companies start scrambling to gain theirs.

Together we can take that burden off your shoulders.

CMMC deadline will be here before you notice. Don’t let procrastination get the best of you and put your business at risk.

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