Business Continuity Solutions For Your Business 


Is Your Business Vulnerable?

Are Your Backups Reliable?

How Easy And How Quickly Can You Restore Your System From A Backup?

These are fundamental questions you need to know.

Digital Industry offers comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Hard Drive Backup solutions that are rock solid and will keep your business running even in a disaster.

With Digital Industry behind you for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions, we'll help you:

  • Be prepared when unforeseen disasters occur with Data Backup plans that protect your business from costly data loss.
  • Significantly reduce downtime and the risk of data loss after any man made or natural disaster.
  • We strongly recommend that you end your dependency on unreliable tape backups.
  • Digital Industry provides you with comprehensive Business Continuity plans that continuously back up your data.

Our team will safeguard your invaluable business data - so you can concentrate on more important things.

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Business continuity planning from Digital Industry takes the stress out of backing up your data and keeping your business running smoothly. We offer proven data backup & hard drive backup solutions to safeguard all your valuable data.

If your business requires Hard Drive and Computer Backup, File & Data Recovery, Hard Drive & Computer Recovery, Online Backups, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Strategy, Virtual Data Recovery Planning, Off-site Data Backups, or Data Recovery Planning, we're here for you.

Discover how a reliable solution for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Data Backup can help you be prepared for the unexpected and stay ahead of the competition.

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We offer a broad range of fixed-rate IT support, LAN & WAN management both voice and data, computer repair, network solutions, computer services and help desk solutions throughout Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Germantown, DC, Washington, Columbia, Annapolis, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax as well as services within the continental United States and Internationally.