Make Email Worries a Thing of The Past

Email and Spam protection | Digital Industry | Silver Spring, Maryland

While you and your staff depend on email for conducting day-to-day business, electronic communication makes your company vulnerable to spam, viruses, hackers, malware and more. While these online threats may seem like minor annoyances, they can literally put you out of business if you aren't careful.

Thankfully, there's comprehensive Email & Spam Protection from Digital Industry. With our team behind you to monitor and protect your email systems, you won't have to worry about what might be entering your employee inboxes.

Our Email & Spam Protection will:

  • Safeguard your company – keep spam, viruses and malware away from your inbox
  • Simplify access – get a hold of your email data when you need it, fast
  • Enhance the email experience – search and archiving tools make email easier than ever
  • Free up your servers – off-load email storage from in-house servers

Email & Spam Protection from Digital Industry will keep you compliant and finally eliminate stress over the online threats that can literally put you out of business.

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The Digital Industry Anti-Spam Solution

The DI Anti-Spam Solution is consistently updated and enhanced to keep you safe against new threats. Our solution automatically quarantines spam, reduces false positives, and filters up to 99% of spam from reaching your inbox, lowering the volume of emails you have to sort through every day.

Our Anti-Spam Countermeasures

Content Filtering: DI blocks spam by filtering common spammy words or phrases like urgent, income, cash bonus and "you are a winner." We can set up the filter to screen words or topics based on your specific business.

IP Blacklist: Any Internet address associated with massive spamming will end up on a spam blacklist and we make sure we update our IP Blacklist frequently to ensure that your business email blocks those senders

IP Geo Filtering: Depending on the business and where your clients are located, we set up geographical Internet filtering and blacklist IP addresses from foreign sources.

Areas Covered

We offer a broad range of fixed-rate IT support, LAN & WAN management both voice and data, computer repair, network solutions, computer services and help desk solutions throughout Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Germantown, DC, Washington, Columbia, Annapolis, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax as well as services within the continental United States and Internationally.