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Why Digital Industry?  Here's 3 Reasons...


Enhanced Efficiency - Digital Industry specializes in using technology to raise your business productivity by streamlining your network operations while providing robust voice and data communication for your entire organization. As a result, your staff has reliable, rock solid technology that includes preventive maintenance and regular easy to restore data backup that can run interrupted even if your computers and servers are interrupted or disabled.


Keep You Safe and Secure -Digital Industry uses the latest and most innovative solutions in the industry to prevent your business from losses due to spyware, spam, phishing, ransomware and hackers.


Continuous Network ManagementUpdates Patches and Maintenance – Your business, regardless of size, needs regular maintenance. You don’t wait for your car to break down or run out of gas and the same holds true for your computer network and your workstations. Digital Industry offers fixed rate IT maintenance plans. Providing you with crucial IT support that is easy on your budget. Providing your business, the competitive edge of virtually no downtime and systems operating at peak efficiency with network monitoring and maintenance that’s keeping your business safe around the clock.

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Office Moves

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Business Continuity

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Can You Rely On Your Current IT Support?

Since 1982, Digital Industry offers comprehensive Computer IT Network & Workstation Support provided by a team of experts you can rely on locally here in the DMV.

Our IT Consulting will provide you with the trusted reliable support that understands and helps you with your business processes. We can help simplify your technology roadmap.

Come and check us out at our Silver Spring, MD network operations center.

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Moving To The Cloud?

Digital Industry’s can help you with a seamless move to the cloud by our IT Consulting will provide your business carrier and vendor agnostic recommendations that are aligned with your firm’s initiatives.

This approach allows Digital Industry to provide your business a custom-tailored solution for your specific Cloud Computing needs.

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You can rely on Digital Industry to provide everything your business needs to keep your IT environment up and running safely, reliably and worry-free.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Digital Industries has provided a level of IT expertise and compliance for our small company, DMS, that would have been out of our reach. They are knowledgeable, responsive and work with us as a team to accomplish our goals. They always ensure that we understand what they are providing and allow us to make informed decisions. DMS is a very satisfied client.

DMS International
Digital Industry
5 / 5 stars

Digital Industry gives us personable, friendly and fast service, as well as the ability to always fix the problem. They are extremely responsive, too.

Maryland Psychiatric Society, Inc.
Digital Industry
5 / 5 stars

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