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Telecommuting for a Distributed Workforce

A Telecommuting program can be offered as a benefit to employees or it can be used as a business continuity tool when disruptive events prevent employees from accessing the organization’s offices, allowing a company to avoid a total shutdown by having employees work remotely. This is an ideal tool when employees can’t (or shouldn’t) work from the office due to health concerns, weather-related outages, or other emergencies.

Do You Feel Out of Touch With Your Remote Workforce?

Is it hard to find your staff now that they are working away from the office?

Can your employees access all your line of business software and company resources from outside the office?

Does your staff have technology challenges when not in the office?

We Offer Simple, Cost-Effective Solutions For Telecommuting

  • Identify Your Goals and Requirements
  • Develop Your Plan and Deploy Your Telecommuting Technology
  • Train, Test and Reassess 

If you’re interested in reviewing affordable telecommuting options, need help implementing a new remote work program, or just want to make sure your existing telework policy is safeguarding your business data, contact us today.

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