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IT Help Desk Support – All Day Every Day

Think of our help desk experts as first responders for your IT emergencies. Our team is always ready to solve your technology problems, minimizing disruptions to your business operations. From quick-fix issues with your network to system-wide crashes, we have you covered.

When you call our IT Service Desk, you’ll be speaking to a trusted partner, not a stranger who views you as a simple account number.  Digital Industry clients have instant access to tech support professionals located right here in the US. This means that on the rare occasions when your technical problems can’t be solved remotely, we can provide onsite IT support, so you can be up and running with minimal downtime.

The Digital Industry Help Desk Experience

1. The Ticket

The Call

    • Dial 240-839-5300 and choose option 3
    • Your incoming call is quickly answered by a DI team member who is familiar with your business and ready to help
    • Tickets are created immediately and urgent issues are always given priority

Online Help

    • Too busy to call? You can easily create a ticket online through our Online Support Center or by emailing our Help Desk team directly
2. The Response
    • A Qualified Network Analyst (QNA) receives your service ticket and begins solving your problem. They will determine if your IT challenge can be fixed remotely or if an onsite repair visit is necessary
    • If your internet and hardware are working properly, almost everything can be repaired remotely – saving you both time and money
3. Problem Solved 
    • Once the problem is solved, a record will be created under your client account. If there is a way to prevent the problem in the future, it will be recorded in your account and our team will take the steps necessary to ensure it doesn’t disrupt your operations again
    • You will also receive a detailed report via email with a recap of your ticket, any notes entered by your Qualified Network Analyst, the solution and any relevant information that can help you maintain your systems in the best possible environment

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