Do You Have Good Battery Habits?

Do your devices have enough juice to last the day?  If it feels like your battery is running out faster, you might be right. But it’s not because of ‘battery memory’ and needing to be cycled, that’s an older technology battery type called NiMh–today’s batteries are Lithium-Ion. You will find them in cars, phones and laptops. Lithium-Ion cells just simply wear out over time. Fortunately, extending your battery life is easier than you think!

Here’s a list of good habits to extend your battery life:

  1. Charge whenever you can: Lithium-ion batteries don’t like being charged all the way up and then drained all the way down. Just provide them a little charge here and there, and they’ll be happy.
  2. Don’t be afraid to leave your laptop plugged in: Modern laptops use lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries which don’t take more charge than they can handle. Basically, you can’t over-charge the battery, it will just sit there waiting to be used. Modern laptops also help out by cutting the flow of power when the battery registers as fully charged.
  3. Keep your devices cool:  Be careful of overheating, check your laptop vents to make sure they are clear with good airflow. If your system runs hot, consider helping it out with a cooling laptop stand. If it’s possible, you might consider removing the battery if you’re using your laptop plugged in all the time. Yes, you might lose data if there’s a power outage, but overheating is a far more common occurrence and it’s been proven to degrade battery life considerably.
  4. Leave your phone plugged in all night: Just like your laptop, your charger knows to stop when the battery is full. Keep in mind that chargers generate heat, so make sure you have enough airflow around both charger and phone, consider removing the case and never sleep with it under your pillow.
  5. Charge batteries before storing: If you have backup batteries, make sure to give them a half charge before storing. They’ll naturally discharge and age over time, so this gives them a better chance to still be viable when you need them.
  6. Keep the device cool even when it is not used: We know to avoid water with our phones, but we’re less careful about exposing it to heat. This includes leaving it in your car all day, placing it on top of your PC, or even in a sunny spot by the window. Wireless and rapid chargers can also be an issue, as the amount of heat they generate will affect your battery.

How did you do? Keeping your lithium-ion battery in top shape is easy. All batteries will wear out over time, but you can push that day a few years into the future if you remember to keep your battery charged and cool.

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