IT vendor management

Lighten Your Vendor Management Workload

You have IT vendors – lots of them – probably more so now that your work environment has gone hybrid. Yet managing all your vendors can be challenging. Different departments may even have their own vendor relationships. Without IT vendor management, there’s no one bridging the siloes. So who is in charge of ensuring cost savings while improving efficiency and productivity?

What Is IT Vendor Management?

IT vendor management centralizes the oversight of different technology vendors. If each department contracts on its own, you can’t take advantage of economies of scale, and you may also suffer from inefficiencies and inconsistencies. Each vendor may have different processes, services, and price points, yet no one is managing vendor partnerships to see how they impact your bottom line.

Turn to your MSP for expert analysis and oversight of vendors. An MSP can:

  • tackle contract transactions;
  • implement the changes;
  • seek data integration;
  • avoid possible compliance implications;
  • find greater efficiencies;
  • save you money by identifying duplication or finding more competitive bids;
  • increase the visibility of vendor sourcing, management, and payment.

Avoiding The Blame Game

Whether your network is down or an employee is getting an error on their company laptop, when business technology fails, the troubleshooting process can be expensive and time consuming. Fixing the issue often requires communication with multiple vendors to identify and solve the problem.

What’s worse, vendors often play the blame game to avoid taking responsibility for the issue, which wastes company resources and leaves you frustrated.

An MSP can help you approach IT vendor management more effectively. Rather than spend valuable time on endless calls to software providers, internet providers and IT consultants, you can make one call to your MSP and trust that the issue will be resolved completely.

Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Drawing on experience with a variety of vendors, an MSP can simplify your supply chain. The MSP may be able to leverage preferred relationships to negotiate better rates.

Your MSP can also provide added value by streamlining your vendor management. A vendor-neutral MSP can look for the best solutions for your business objectives.

Plus, their experts are up to date on the ins and outs of supporting those vendor offerings. Say there is an issue with email security. There could be a faster resolution if the vendor talks to an informed tech professional; that’s easier than a harried accountant who doesn’t know an SPF from a DKIM or a DMARC (and shouldn’t need to).

Let our experts handle your IT vendor management to centralize and simplify these relationships. Work with the best people and the right technology, and enjoy a better return on investment. Get in touch with us today at 240-839-5300 or send us a message.